Code str, filename: str) → None

Downloads a file from the device.

Sends an HTTP GET request to the iControl REST API.

  • path – HTTP path used in the HTTP request sent to the device.
  • filename – Name of the file to be downloaded.
RESTAPIError: Raised when iControl REST API returns an error.

    "/mgmt/shared/file-transfer/uploads", "bigrest.iso")


This downloads a file from the device.
The API limit downloads to chunks of 1M, so BIGREST will handle that.
You just need to pass the HTTP path to upload and the local file.
I am only aware of one location from where you can download files from BIG-IQ.
Folder: /var/config/rest/downloads
HTTP path: /mgmt/shared/file-transfer/uploads
/var/config/rest/downloads is the folder created for iControl REST API downloads and uploads.