Code str) → Union[list[RESTObject], RESTObject]

Gets statistical information about the objects from the device. If you call with a specific object name, it returns a single object. If you call without an object name, it returns a list of objects.

Similar to tmsh show command.

Sends an HTTP GET request to the iControl REST API.

Parameters:path – HTTP path used in the HTTP request sent to the device.
RESTAPIError: Raised when iControl REST API returns an error.


virtual =
print(f'Maximum number of connections client side: {["clientside.maxConns"]["value"]}')


This is similar to tmsh show command.
If the object property includes another dictionary, keep adding keys until you find the value you need.
In this example “clientside.maxConns” property has a dictionary, and we want the value of the key “value”.
Similar to the method load, If called with an object name, it will just return a single object.
If called without an object name, it will return a list with all object of that type.