BIGIQ.command(path: str, data: dict) → str

Executes a command on the device.

Sends an HTTP POST request to the iControl REST API.

  • path – HTTP path used in the HTTP request sent to the device.
  • data – Payload that will be sent to the device.
RESTAPIError: Raised when iControl REST API returns an error.


data = {}
data["command"] = "run"
data["utilCmdArgs"] = "-c1 localhost"
result = device.command("/mgmt/tm/util/ping", data)


This runs a command on the device and provides the result of the command if any is provided.
You create a dictionary with the options you want and pass that to the command method.
In this example, we are running the ping command.
The result is saved to the variable “result”, and we print that variable.
BIG-IQ API does not allow the use of Bash commands.
You can use the commands tmsh exposes, like dig/ping/telnet/traceroute/etc…
You can also use some Unix commands, like unix-ls/unix-mv/unix-rm.